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Endanger is the first freemium “Green Universe” game where finding and saving endangered species worldwide and saving their habitat becomes an exciting adventure. Players buy characters food and shelter, new modules and rewards.

​ Play as an mobile and pc online interactive game entertaining youth and families.
Initially players delight in encountering significant details about 36 of the endangered species worldwide, thoroughly explore species habitats on all six continents, engage in unearthing how human impact on nature affects the survival of animal species and explore ways to “green” the environment.

Endanger captures the interest of youth who passionately care about animals and the environment. The characters expose and sensitize the next generation to become stewards of the earth and of animals.

We expands the idea of "Green" to include proactiviely saving animals and our planet. Youth have fun and connect while learning how to interact, sustain, and save endangered species and their habitats worldwide.