People's Choice Award 2012

Emmy Award

No Maps On My Taps wins the Emmy Award

for  best Musical Direction in a Documentary

Crystal Award
Pony Express Rider won a Crystal Communicator, First Prize Award for blue screen effects "far superior to the standard" in the TV Programs/Video-Film category  

Writers Guild of America Annual Award
To Lynn Rogoff  whose "No Maps On My Taps-The Battle Of The Taps" was nominated as the outstanding script in the category of Documentary other than Current Events.

 Family Channel Seal of Quality

  For  Pony Express Rider's positive, wholesome nature, and  rich enduring entertainment value.​

National Parenting Center
Pony Express RIder is one of the 1996 Holiday Award winners.


Certified Online Educator, 2004

"INNOVATIONS FOR EDUCATION CHALLENGE GRANTS". Amerikids USA first round finalists, for the prototype presentation, "Bill Cody and the Pony Express".

Bessie Award

Computed Learning Lab's "best children's educational software award." Pony Express Rider innovative and content rich programs appropriate for family purchases.

NYIT Presidential Engagement Award 2013

GIve to  Rogoff for leading an Interdisiplinary  Team  of Graduate Students on  NYIT grant for GreenKids Media.