Sacajawea, Bird Woman


Theatrical Productions

No Maps On My Taps

Performance Documentary

 2 Emmy Award

Writers Guild Award

PBS and Bravo  TV Specials

We produce award winning work for Podcasts, Games, Television, Theatre and Film. Rogoff founded the Amerikids Company, after working for Sesame Street and Big Blue Marble, Public and Network Televisions. We have produced Emmy and WGA award winning work for global Television and Social Gaming. 

Amerikids began as weekend specials for ABC-TV. Amerikids received a
grant from ORACLE Corporation to produce the prototype of Amerikids interactive live action, game series.​ ​The first in this series, Pony Express Rider was published and released by McGraw‐Hill Home Interactive to critical acclaim and multiple awards. Pony Express Rider was the flagship product to launch the new Home Interactive division at McGraw‐Hill.