​​​​​"BIRD WOMAN" 
Bird Woman Podcast Series O
ur 9 episode Audio Drama coming soon to your favorite podcast app. Stay Tuned.

 Bird Woman, a magical realism story is set in the untamed early West. Bird Woman discovers her supernatural shapeshifting powers as; part Woman and part Eagle.

Bird Woman tells the story of Bird Woman leading the Lewis & Clark Expedition through gruesome starvation, bitter blizzards and terrifying native countries and heart-wrenching choices.

 She fights alongside the Lewis and Clark Expeditioners, making heart-wrenching choices between the Indian world and Captain Clark’s world. Bird Woman discovers her full superpowers and her true destiny on this voyage.  This is an adventure  story  cleaving  together  Wonder Woman and The Revenant. 

Together with York, the first black man to cross to the Pacific, Bird Woman and her infant, survive two years of trailblazing, discovering her true destiny in the western territories of the early 1800s, for Lewis and Clark. Bird Woman finally  must make heart wrenching choices between the two worlds.

  Bird Woman, a magical realism transmedia story, leaves her adopted home; convinces the Expedition she can find her Shoshoni Tribe.