Green Kids Endanger

Capture the Poachers! Endanger Strategy game series

"Connect worldwide while virtually saving endangered animals and our planet in 3D."


Endanger is the first freemium “Green Universe” game where finding and saving endangered species worldwide and saving their habitat becomes an exciting adventure. Players buy characters food and shelter, new modules, and rewards.

Play as an mobile and pc online interactive game entertaining youth and families. Initially players delight in encountering significant details about 36 of the endangered species worldwide, thoroughly explore species habitats on all six continents, engage in unearthing how human impact on nature affects the survival of animal species and explore ways to “green” the environment.

Endanger captures the interest of youth who passionately care about animals and the environment. The characters expose and sensitize the next generation to become stewards of the earth and of animals.


Team Amerikids

Team Amerikids consists of innovative and committed graduate students and faculty from the fields of Fine Arts, Communications, Business & Engineering at New York Institute of Technology. We are experienced and successful in Edutainment Products, Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D Art & Sculpture.

We are now developing, researching and testing, 3D virtual game interactivity. Team Amerikids is dedicated towards building a 3D game which is immersive, enthralling and can provoke a social change.

VR News

Amerikids USA has been awarded a prestigious package of hardware, software and support from Open Source Virtual Reality Company. Amerikids USA will continue their research on Endanger! VR with The Hive Center at New York Institute of Technology, Metro Campus.


VR News

For Immediate Release

Save Elephants before the poachers kill them and cut his ivory tusks off his dead body. Get them to the rescue center. Post your leaderboard score and save elephants from extinction with our social platform.

Now you can take action by playing our VR Endanger! game series to end Endangered Species from extinction. Endanger! is the first 3D VR/mobile/PC game to virtually and socially find & save endangered species and their habitats. Experience Elephant habitat loss and poachers traps from the animal’s point of view, immersing in the Savannas of Africa.

VR News

AMERIKIDS USA announces the launch of 3D VR Endanger! Game series at Digital Hollywood Experience Media Summit Panel New York A Workshop to Explore the Basics of VR-AR-

2D & 3D Demo

Hey there you have reached the 3D Demo video.

Hi! I am the 2D Video. Find and save the California Condor with Suga Bear.

Mandarin Demo

A sneak peek into the Amerikids Mandarin Demo.

Global 3D Characters

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld