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Available from McGraw Hill Home Interactive, “Pony Express Rider” puts you in the rider’s seat. You have taken on the dangerous task of delivering the mail on time! It is 1861, and the Civil War has just begun. You must outwit Confederate spies who want California to secede from the Union. And every decision is up to you!

Smartkid Review

“Two things make this one of the best new programs of the year. First, the multi-media mix is darn near perfect, seamless. Next, and ultimately more important, the program uses an exciting story line – in this case a Confederate plot that must be foiled – in order to involve kids with the issues of history.

The National Parenting Center

“Adventure. Danger. Shoot-outs. Sounds like just another video game but “Pony Express Rider” doesn’t take place in some Doom-like setting. This is a page taken right out of our American history books.”


What people say?

"​I knew nothing about this game when I bought it but after getting it I am thrilled with it! the first selling point is it works on a 32bit Vista and on a 64bit windows 7 the second selling point is the graphics even through the game says windows 95 it has graphics that put most new games to shame! it teaches history especially about slavery this game is fun and educational."
Amanda Lee
The BESSIE'S recognize innovative and content-rich programs appropriate for family purchase on the retail market. Criteria for selection include: Ease of use and installation, curriculum inclusion (coverage of a given subject), content quality (how well the subject is delivered), professionalism and design, and the amount of parent/teacher involvement required.
Best Children's Educational Software Award (BESSIE)
"Perhaps most challenging of all is the 3D horseback simulation. Once they load up with mail, players control the speed and direction of their horses as they fight off bandits and hostile Indians and face difficult conditions (e.g., a blazing sun).The richly layered visuals and quality performances dramatically convey the urgency and intrigue that must have swirled around the country on the eve of the Civil War. And since this generous program includes five different territory rides, the action isn't likely to grow stale any time soon."
Publishers Weekly Review
"Imaginative uses of full-motion video, sound and animation help you learn about the courageous men and women who rode for the Pony Express."
The Family Channel Entertainment Guide

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