Technical Writing Application

Duration: September – December 2024

Description: We are looking for a detail-oriented intern with strong technical writing skills to support our groundbreaking project that combines AI technology with historical education. The intern will document our research on integrating AI history lessons in the classroom and assist in developing materials for K-12 educators.


  • Create comprehensive documentation of project investigations and findings, including the integration of AI technologies in education
  • Research and compile information on 7th-grade American history social studies curriculum, focusing on untold historical narratives
  • Assist in preparing copyright applications for project materials, including AI-generated content
  • Produce clear, concise, and well-structured technical documents detailing the educational model that combines historical dramas with AI magical realism


  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Strong research abilities, particularly in American history and educational curricula
  • Familiarity with AI concepts and their applications in education
  • Attention to detail and ability to organize complex information
  • Interest in bridging the gap between historical fiction and reality through innovative educational approaches

Technical Writing application Form