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Bird Woman

Bird Woman, Sacajawea, a magical realism, multi-episode series, is set in the untouched West.  She discovers her supernatural shapeshifting powers as; part Woman and part Eagle. Sacajawea fights alongside the Lewis & Clark Expedition making heart-wrenching choices between the Native  & Clark’s world.

Bird Woman Cast

Sera-lys Mcarthur

As Sacajawea

Daniel Two Feathers

As Chief Camehwait

Irma La Guerre

As Old Bird Woman

Brian D. Hills

As York

Simon Johns

As clark

Ken Bryant

As Lewis

Jack Berenholtz

As Charbonneau

Trazana Beverley

As the Hawk

Musical Composers

Daniel Two Feathers


Jeffrey W. Harisson


Editors & Sound Designers

Ben B. Goss

sound editor

Kevin Snider

video editor

Elizabeth Diedrick

sound editor

Meet Sera-Lys

The beautiful voice behind our very own Bird Woman.